Discover our diverse range of products installed in public spaces

Benito Artis has created, manufactured, and installed the Bronze Statue of Josep Ensesa Gubert, visionary of the urban complex of S'Agaró exactly a century ago.


Installation of Olea planters with corten steel finish in the port of Ribadeo (Lugo), enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of the space, blending in seamlessly with the maritime environment.

Lugo (España)

New automatic LED-equipped Rambla bollards have been installed in the city center of Alicante, with the aim of blocking vehicle access to the seafront promenade.

Alicante (España)

The Granada Forum stands out with its new RGBW XL floodlight, adding spectacle to special events and promoting culture in the city.

Granada (España)

In Dubai (UAE), initiatives promoting a healthy outdoor lifestyle with fitness equipment, playgrounds, and sun protection in public spaces are being implemented.

Dubai (UAE)

El Vellón is reborn in style thanks to the ELA MAD benches of white concrete and Petrus fountains, merging functionality and elegance to beautify the city.

Madrid (España)

Renewal of public lighting in Falset (Tarragona) with Ciclo black lampposts and floodlights, representing innovation on the streets to enhance lighting and urban security.

Tarragona (España)

In Alicante, they sought to develop a park that reflected values of sustainability and nature. To achieve this, they opted to use Robinia, a wood known for its sustainability and its environmental friendliness.

Alicante (España)

New ReBnew park in Logroño (La Rioja). Innovation, eco-desing and fun in our modular set Reb5.

La Rioja (España)

Installation of a concrete Petrus bollard in front of a pharmacy in the city of Salses le Chateau, France, along with a Tor trash can made of wood and corten steel.

Occitanie (Francia)

A new urban installation is presented in Reus. With Kube Kurve elements, Dara litter bins, and planters and chairs Lisa, the space is transformed into a modern and functional area for the community.


At Club Esportiu Banyoles, projectors with OnField control have been installed for optimal lighting during sports events.

Girona (España)

Deco Horizon Essentials luminaires installed at The Fields Properties, Meydan (Dubai, UAE), perfect for public roads with their optimal design.

Dubai (UAE)

New agility park for dogs in Palm Island, Dubai! Equipped with fences and Toilekan, with bags for picking up waste. 

Dubai (UAE)

Installation in Barcelona, near the port, with picnic tables, planters, and GEA litter bins made of ReBnew material, resistant to coastal corrosion.

Barcelona (España)

Sant Julià de Ramis (Girona) commits to sustainability and installs new Citizen ECO benches and Gea bins.


On a mountain in Vall de Núria, a quiet area with picnic tables and natural wooden bins was created, so that hikers can rest and eat.


In Sant Hipòlit de Voltregà, Barcelona, a complete children's playground awaits the little ones. Equipped with games, lighting, and Benito urban furniture, it's the ideal place for fun and family gatherings.


Rambla bollards made of satin-finished AISI-304 stainless steel with a diameter of Ø220 x 750 mm in height, installed next to the Port of Barcelona for vehicle access control.

Port of Barcelona

The Plaza de l'Estació del Nord in Sabadell is illuminated with its elegant Essentials columns and Milan RGB+W projectors. Functionality and design come together to enhance the urban landscape.


Installation of fixed bollards (HE220L) and semi-automatic bollards (H2208H75L) with LED light crowns at the Reus Casino, the most effective solution for access control and prevention of ram-raiding.


The new playground located in the middle of the Passeig del Ter in Manlleu is a thematic space designed around the legend of the Serpent, which is one of the main cultural attractions of the city.


In front of the beach, a unique children's playground has been installed. Highlighting the main element, the Blue Pearl Ship, featuring three floors and helical slides, as well as additional accessories.


Kube Concrete Bins with lid and Marson-colored ashtray at the Palermo Tourist Port, Sicily, to keep public spaces clean and provide suitable facilities for disposing of waste in the port landscape.


Meydan, Dubai, debuts state-of-the-art lighting with Horizon luminaires for perfect glare control.

Meydan (Dubai, EAU)

The 1st Division Football Field in Herzliya, Israel, equipped with 1,300W Apolo XL projectors, arranged in columns of 28 units each, meets the demanding lighting standards set by FIFA.


New MINSK bench installed in the city of Olomouc in the Czech Republic, with a versatile design that seamlessly integrates into any urban environment, contributing to beautifying the urban landscape.

Republica Checa

New CITIZEN LED technology luminaires in Giva't Shmu'el, Israel, with the aim of improving energy efficiency and the quality of lighting by providing more uniform and sharp illumination in the area.


In the town of San Juan, Puerto Rico, they promote physical activity and a healthy lifestyle by installing areas with fitness elements, providing notable benefits for cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and coordination.

Puerto Rico

Impressive "Twin" Tower installed in Juan de Herrera Park in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, forming part of the comprehensive renewal of the children's leisure space in a project for the adaptation and improvement of parks.


Installation of 30 automatic telescopic bollards Ø220 x 600mm strategically placed in the city center of Sofia, specifically in front of the iconic Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

Sofia (Bulgaria)

The Finnish city of Suonenjoki has installed MILAN XL RGBW projectors to illuminate and highlight its water tower.


The new TOMSK streetlights and beacons installed on the Laderas del Conquero not only enhance the natural beauty of the surroundings but also provide an elegant, durable, and efficient urban lighting solution.


Elda, located in the province of Alicante, unveils a new urban image with the installation of new PETRUS concrete planters and ten large-sized women's shoes adorned with vibrant colors.


Gironella has a new calisthenics park of 200 square meters with a wide variety of exercise equipment, such as parallel bars, rings, pull-up bars, and a wall bar.


The City Council of Vic has carried out an initiative to improve the urban space in the city. Recently, ARQ wooden benches have been installed, specifically designed to provide comfort to the residents and visitors of the city.


The town of Villafranca in Córdoba has installed more than 150 Milan S 60W luminaires to illuminate a heavily trafficked road. This initiative aims to improve visibility and safety for drivers and pedestrians traveling along this important route.


Excellent combination of planters and benches from the LISA collection, an aesthetic, pleasant, and unique line that invites relaxation and enjoyment of the beauty of the place. The best choice for creating a charming space!


New children's park in the Doha College community in the city of Qatar. One of the most prominent features of this new park is an impressive RED QUAT designed for climbing and fun.


Safety measures for the bike lanes on Vía Augusta and Gran Vía in Barcelona

Gran Vía in Barcelona (España)

At Parc Central in Igualada, Barcelona, GAVARRES picnic tables have been installed for enjoying outdoor activities, and LIS LED beacons have been installed to ensure the safety and comfort of visitors.


Milan luminaires in a commercial and leisure area of New Cairo City, Egypt


Customized games with different models at Parque Europa in Lucena, Córdoba


The Eterna waste bin, labeled as 'Anti-Seagull' model for cities


Illumination of the UE Rubí field for the Copa del Rey competition.


A park with everything needed for inclusive play and for all ages in Mallorca


Circuit for dogs to train outdoors in Bescanó, Girona


Horizon luminaires on the roads of the state of Querétaro in Mexico


Large-scale games in Alovera, a town in the Henares River corridor in Guadalajara


Automatic bollards have been installed in the city of Bucaramanga, in Colombia, in accordance with the 'Walkable City' plan


The island of La Réunion has a new lighthouse: the large playset representing a BENITO maritime lighthouse.

La Réunion (Francia)

An amazing project voted on through a citizen´s referendum in Buccinasco, near Milan, Italy


A secure, customised bicycle rack in a car park in Valladolid city centre


The sophisticated Tomsk delineator posts, light fixtures and street lamps on a promenade in Alicante. Delineator posts for the cycle lane.  Spotlights for the street.


Light fittings for the inside of a mall in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Jeddah (Arabia Saudita)

Signage to mark a mountain biking route around the outskirts of the city of Soria.

Soria (España)

Villa light fixtures and benches, Eco seats and litter bins, adapted to a beautiful town in Tarragona


A great set of equipment from the Berna collection with slides, ropes and a hexagonal climbing wall in a playground in Segovia


Kube litter bins and benches in Bahrain, in the Persian Gulf


The new 'super blocks' in the Eixample district of Barcelona feature the NeoBarcino furniture collection


Planters by ReBnew for the Arenal Yacht Club, in Llucmajor, in Mallorca's island


Neovilla-Alu light fixtures in one of the busiest railway stations in Israel, Tel Aviv-Hashalom

Tel Avivi-Hashalom (Israel)

Light fittings for the Pallady Boulevard Bridge in Bucharest, Romania


The port of the island of Korkula, in Croatia, shines more with the installation of Milan projectors.

Korcula (Croatia)

The coloured lighting of the Epizen building in Andorra welcomes visitors


Different tourist signage in Seville

Camino de Santiago (UTRERA)

Magnificent custom-made Robinia wood playground for the Berga Resort campsite, in Berga

Berga (Barcelona)

Group of ELA benches in the Villa di Massenzio in Rome. A haven of peace.

Roma (Italia)

Renovation of playground equipment and furniture at the Club Foment d’Esports de Tona, in Barcelona.


Lighting and signage of pedestrian crossings in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, with the aim of preventing run-overs and increasing the users' safety.

Fuerteventura (Spain)

Renovation of the lighting in a private sports club, creation of rest areas with street furniture, renovation of the playground area and installation of sports equipment.

Tona (Spain)

Fuerteventura has opted for the Citizen Eco bench to equip its streets. This bench is extremely resistant to external influences, such as the heat, cold and humidity, with the aim of guaranteeing a long lifespan.

Fuerteventura (Spain)

The latest BENITO-NOVATILU LED technology will allow a reduction in energy consumption thanks to the new lighting installed in the frame of the project for the improvement of the Agulla Park's façade in Manresa.

Manresa (Spain)

Gavà will reduce 70% if its electric consumption thanks to the renovation of 6,000 luminaires by integrating the latest LED technology of BENITO NOVATILU.

Gavà (Spain)

The Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport, equipped with Milan floodlights, one of our floodlights with the largest power range and extensive light distributions to cover all applications.

Málaga (Spain)

BENITO street furniture in the new retail park Los Patios de Azahara in Córdoba.

Córdoba (Spain)

Kube benches and chairs made with concrete and natural tropical wood boards installed in several parts of the municipality for neighbours to have a meeting place.

Calldetenes (Spain)

New cycle lane with Gota separators, bike racks and Maia bollards designed to improve the security of bicycle riders.

Gurb (Spain)

New fitness area aimed at promoting the practice of sports among the elder and adults so that they can enjoy and exercise in public outdoor spaces.

Torelló (Spain)

Installation of Tomsk light points in one of the most touristic villages of La Palma, famous for its almond trees in bloom and multiple examples of traditional architecture.

La Palma (Spain)

Project carried out in the Pajaritos neighbourhood including a playground and a fitness area, which has resulted in a substantial improvement for the environment.

Granada (Spain)

Jyväskylä Travel Center has achieved savings of over 70% thanks to the replacement of metal halide luminaires with Deco Industrial luminaires.

Jyväskylä (Finland)

The emblematic Eixample of Barcelona with our modern, safe and durable cycle lanes.

Barcelona (Spain)

The Citizen ECO was chosen as it complies with all the requirements set by Pašman, whose main condition was that it didn't rust due to its position near the sea.

Pašman (Croatia)

Alu collection: large playground areas, adding value to the environment and giving it its own identity.

Big towers

Lighting of the new development project in the area at the mouth of the Gorgos river in Jávea.

Jávea (Spain)

Development project in Tenerife, Canary Islands, with street furniture and lighting products by BENITO.

Tenerife (Spain)

The neighbours of the Atlético de Madrid stadium, in the district of San Blas-Canillejas, benefit from a skate park by BENITO as well as areas for rest and leisure.

Madrid (Spain)

Installation of Citizen benches and chairs made of wood and cast iron in the municipality of Llers in the province of Girona.

Llers (Spain)

Petah Tikva is a city in the Central District of Israel, equipped with Elium and Vialia Evo luminaires by BENITO.

Petah Tikva (Israel)

Installation of a Milan luminaire in the touristic promenade of La Barceloneta, near the Mapfre towers. An emblematic area of the city.

Barcelona (Spain)

The Citizen Comfort luminaire has arrived to Pieksämäki, in the centre of Finland.

Pieksämäki (Finland)

BENITO has lit Hudairiyat Island with an efficient and modern lighting, in accordance with the architecture of the area.

Abu Dhabi (UAE)

BENITO has equipped with furniture, playground areas and decorative lighting the community spaces of a 9-hectare residential complex in Cairo.

Sheikh Zayed City (Egypt)

Bosnia has chosen sustainable and eco-friendly street furniture made with recycled materials.


A big part of Rovaniemi's residential and traffic roads have been updated with Stylum light points by BENITO.

Rovaniemi (Finland)

The city of Salé has chosen Volga benches and Neovilla Alu luminaires by BENITO for the design of one of its parks.

Salé (Morocco)

BENITO has installed benches, bins, flower planters and automatic bollards in Begur.

Begur (Spain)

Lucca has installed Dalia bollards to limit the access to the pedestrian areas of the municipality.

Lucca (Italy)

Khor Fakkan has trusted BENITO to become an example as regards energy savings in the city centre thanks to its LED lighting.

Khor Fakkan (UAE)

Saint-Pol has chosen BENITO products such as the Wiki house, the Maia and Bubu spring swings, and the Everest slide for its new playground area.

Saint-Pol (France)

Textile architecture which allows to create shaded areas in playgrounds as well as protecting users from bad weather conditions.

Chaves (Portugal)

Citizen benches have been installed in the gardens of the Vittorio Square in Rome.

Rome (Italy)

Concrete benches from the Ela collection have been installed in Sicily, thus giving a more modern touch to the environment.

Sicily (Italy)

Libercourt finally has its own skate park, which had been long-awaited by the skaters of the area.

Libercourt (France)

The city of Bilbao has chosen benches from the Citizen collection, whose wooden boards have been customised with red paint.

Bilbao (Spain)

Abu Dhabi has renovated its lighting by equipping its streets with Deco Industrial and Deco Catenaria luminaires by BENITO.

Abu Dhabi (UAE)

BENITO lights the emblematic Montserrat Abbey with Deco Horizon luminaires, whose aesthetic is elegant and contemporary, and which belong to the Essentials collection.

Montserrat (Spain)

Installation of Elium luminaires by BENITO, with an extra flat design and an excellent relation between efficiency and cost.

Valencia (Spain)

Skates, fitness and playground areas by BENITO to engage in sports and leisure activities in one of the most popular parks of the city.

Bucharest (Romania)

The region of Asturias has placed one of BENITO's emblematic products, the NeoBarcino bench, simple and smart, on its sea front.


Instalation of benches, tables and bins made of wood and Corten steel from the Gavarres collection, ideal for rural environments.


Playground equipment with a slide, platforms and a climbing net with a marine theme, and other playful elements to ensure children have fun.

Collegno (Italy)

Finland has opted for one of our classic products: the Barcino bench, made with wooden boards and cast iron legs.


The architectural renovation of the Tremulini Square, refurbished with NeoBarcino benches and chairs by BENITO, has been completed.

Calabria (Italy)

BENITO has installed Ecosens benches, made of recycled plastic, Argo Plus bins and Hospitalet bollards in one of the municipalities of the province of Alicante.

Alicante (Spain)

The Citizen bench, designed by Eugeni Quitllet, was chosen to equip the outdoor spaces of a new residential complex in Austria.


A municipality of the Valencian Community selected Kube products made of textured concrete: benches, bins, flower planters and bollards.


Design of two very different atmospheres with BENITO products: concrete furniture to bring modernity to the riverside and elements with classic lines for a park.


The municipality of Moraleja has installed concrete street furniture, with the aim of renovating the image of this singular area.

Moraleja (Spain)

Citizen luminaires and picnic tables by BENITO have been installed in the Mall of Arabia, located in the Egyptian capital.

Cairo (Egypt)

Around an hectare and a half has been equipped with BENITO products for street lighting, playground areas and spaces for family life in Mexico.

García (Mexico)

Stadium for the FIFA World Cup 2022, equipped with street furniture by BENITO.

Al Wakrah (Qatar)

Design of a fitness area with Eliptic equipment and galvanised steel Essen benches in the Zócalo, the main square of Mexico City.

Mexico City (Mexico)

Kube Selectif selective sorting bins have been installed on the seaport of El Port de la Selva.

El Port de la Selva (Spain)

The installation of street furniture and lighting by BENITO in Castellon has been completed.

Castellon (Spain)

Gavarres benches and chairs with a natural aesthetic installed in a park in Estonia.


The Canary Islands installed a large variety of BENITO products in one of the parks to create rest areas and ensure the correct lighting of the place.

Canary Islands (Spain)

Project carried out in Sicily including NeoBarcino benches, Rar backless benches made of recycled plastic and a fitness area with healthy elements.

Sicily (Italy)

The city of Turin has chosen the Nordic-style Oslo bech. This model brings sophistication, modernity and minimalism to the environment.

Turin (Italy)

Citizen benches and chairs made of wood and cast iron installed in a square in the historic centre of Florence.

Florence (Italy)

The Bulgarian capital chose Kube concrete benches, chairs and bins for one of its most popular squares, the Slaveykov Square, located in the city centre.

Sofia (Bulgaria)

Project carried out in Italy including the Alea bench, which combines an original and daring aesthetic with a great robustness.


Installation of benches, chairs and bins in the municipality of Marchtrenk, in Austria. These products stand out for their resistance as they are made of concrete.

Marchtrenk (Austria)

Design of rest areas with modern and resistant benches made of cast iron, concrete and wood.


BENITO installed Rectangular flower planters and Barcino benches in the city of Tarragona. Two timeless products thanks to their design.

Tarragona (Spain)

The city council decided to call on BENITO to equip the new downtown square. 

Manlleu (Spain)